For information on donating books, please review the library’s Donation Policy page.

Monetary Donations to the Library
While the library receives much of its funding from the State, we rely on support from generous people like you. Your donations support the library’s programs and services. If you would like to donate to the library, you can do so in person, via mail, or online.

  1. Online: Click here to donate via credit card or PayPal account:Secured by PayPal
  2. Mail or in person. Please print a Donation Form or contact the library.

Monetary Donations for Memorial, Honor, & Celebration Books
The library gratefully accepts monetary donations from patrons who wish to make a donation recognizing an individual, group, or departed loved one. All donors receive a letter of acknowledgement. For donations of $25 or more, the library also does the following. For a donation in memory of someone, the library will insert into a new book an “In Memory of” bookplate identifying the person remembered and the donor. For a donation in honor/celebration of someone, the library will send the person(s) honored a letter acknowledging the gift and the amount. Please print a Donation Form or contact the library.