Contribute an Interview Using the StoryCorps App

StoryCorps is a non-profit organization that has created an app to record an interview and upload it to the Library of Congress. 

Listen to interviews already collected for the St. Clairsville Covid-19 History Project.

To set up the StoryCorps app:

  1. Download the StoryCorps app on your smartphone.
  2. On the create your account screen in the app, scroll to the bottom and specify the community code: STCATHOME
  3. Fill out the rest of the info to create your account and click “Create Account”.

To record your interview:

  1. Press Record an Interview, then press the button to “Prepare an Interview”
  2. For Title, specify a main idea for your interview in a brief sentence, such as: Talking with my son, Jani, about the many changes during the Covid-19 outbreak in Ohio
  3. Press “What questions will you ask?” and you should see at the top “St. Clairsville Community (Ohio)”
  4. Go down the list of questions in order and press + to add each question to your interview and press Save.
  5. Press “Who will you interview” Enter a first name and press Save.
  6. Press “Share this interview” (it won’t be shared until you decide to publish it). You should see St. Clairsville Community (Ohio). Press +  and Save.

Press “Record the interview” to begin. Read the first question and turn the phone’s mic toward the person as they answer. Have a casual conversation using the questions as a guide. Ask follow up questions and invite the person to tell stories. Have a fun chat together!

When you are done, Press “Publish interview” to upload it to our library’s community page. Check “Public” and add keywords such as covid19, STC and OH.

Note: You may also interview a friend or relative who lives at a distance. Call the interviewee on a second phone and use the first phone to run the StoryCorps app and record the interview.