New Book Releases

NEW BOOK RELEASES | August 20, 2020

Title Author Call No.
The Islam book DK Publishing 297 ISL
Me and white supremacy Saad, Layla F. 305.809 SAA
So you want to talk about race Oluo, Ijeoma 305.8 OLU
Twilight of democracy Applebaum, Anne 321.9 APP
Soul full of coal dust Hamby, Chris 363.119 HAM
Finding freedom : Harry and Meghan Scobie, Omid B HAR
Meghan and Harry : the real story Campbell, Colin, Lady B MEG
Outsider Castillo, Linda BOOK/CD CAS
American dirt Cummins, Jeanine BOOK/CD CUM
Cajun justice Patterson, James BOOK/CD PAT
Near dark Thor, Brad BOOK/CD THO
No offense Cabot, Meg F CAB
The last train to Key West Cleeton, Chanel F CLE
The second wife Fleet, Rebecca F FLE
The patron saint of pregnant girls Hegi, Ursula F HEG
Leonard and Hungry Paul Hession, Rónán F HES
The boy in the field Livesey, Margot F LIV
Sweet sorrow Nicholls, David F NIC
Royal Steel, Danielle F STE
Little disasters Vaughan, Sarah F VAU
The order Silva, Daniel LP F SIL


NEW BOOK RELEASES | August 13, 2020

Title Author Call No.
Appalachian fall Young, Jeff 306.097 YOU
10 women who changed science and the world Whitlock, Catherine 509.2 WHI
The well-gardened mind Stuart-Smith, Sue 615.851 STU
Travel home Flemming, Caitlin 747 FLE
The DIY style finder Wood, KariAnne 747 WOO
The sports book DK Publishing, Inc. 796 SPO
Horseback riding for dummies Pavia, Audrey 798.23 PAV
Michigan Vachon, Paul 917.74 VAC
Butch Cassidy Leerhsen, Charles B CAS
Fair warning Connelly, Michael BOOK/CD CON
Deadlock Coulter, Catherine BOOK/CD COU
1st case Patterson, James BOOK/CD PAT
The midwife murders Patterson, James BOOK/CD PAT
Masked prey Sandford, John BOOK/CD SAN
Stranger in the lake Belle, Kimberly F BEL
Chasing starlight Black, Teri Bailey F BLA
Every bone a prayer Blooms, Ashley F BLO
Age of consent Brainerd, Amanda F BRA
A private cathedral Burke, James Lee F BUR
The suicide house Donlea, Charlie F DON
The night swim Goldin, Megan F GOL
The midwife murders Patterson, James F PAT
Choppy water Woods, Stuart F WOO
Democracy in one book or less Litt, David LP 321.8 LIT
The midwife murders Patterson, James LP F PAT


NEW BOOK RELEASES | August 6, 2020

Title Author Call No.
Live free or die Hannity, Sean 320.973 HAN
Eliot Ness and the mad butcher Collins, Max Allan 364.152 COL
This is your brain on food Naidoo, Uma 616.804 NAI
Atlas obscura Foer, Joshua 910.202 FOE
A short history of The Civil War Smithsonian Institution 973.7 SHO
Camino winds Grisham, John BOOK/CD GRI
28 summers Hilderbrand, Elin BOOK/CD HIL
A walk along the beach Macomber, Debbie BOOK/CD MAC
The Order Silva, Daniel BOOK/CD SIL
The wedding dress Steel, Danielle BOOK/CD STE
Rebecca Du Maurier, Daphne CLASSIC F DUM
Native son Wright, Richard CLASSIC F WRI
The comeback Berman, Ella F BER
Cry baby Billingham, Mark F BIL
The last Mrs. Summers Bowen, Rhys F BOW
The lions of Fifth Avenue Davis, Fiona F DAV
The death of Vivek Oji Emezi, Akwaeke F EME
Paris never leaves you Feldman, Ellen F FEL
Imperfect women Hall, Araminta F HAL
Sucker punch Hamilton, Laurell K. F HAM
The cabinets of Barnaby Mayne Hart, Elsa F HAR
The friendship list Mallery, Susan F MAL
True story Petty, Kate Reed F PET
The silent wife Slaughter, Karin F SLA


NEW BOOK RELEASES | July 30, 2020

Title Author Call No.
What you need to know about voting and why Wehle, Kim 324.65 WEH
Breath Nestor, James 613.192 NES
Decoding your cat American College of Veterinary Behaviorists 636.8 AME
Cry, the beloved country Paton, Alan CLASSIC F PAT
Deadlock Coulter, Catherine F COU
Playing nice Delaney, JP F DEL
His & hers Feeney, Alice F FEE
Robert Ludlum’s the Bourne evolution Freeman, Brian F FRE
The art of deception Goldberg, Leonard S. F GOL
Crossings Landragin, Alex F LAN
A star is bored Lane, Byron F LAN
The end of her Lapeña, Shari F LAP
The Nemesis manifesto Lustbader, Eric F LUS
The geometry of holding hands McCall Smith, Alexander F MCC
The view from here McKinnon, Hannah F MCK
A royal affair Montclair, Allison F MON
Death in her hands Moshfegh, Ottessa F MOS
1st case Patterson, James F PAT
Fragments of light Phoenix, Michèle F PHO
The two Mrs. Carlyles Rindell, Suzanne F RIN
Survivor song Tremblay, Paul F TRE
1st case Patterson, James LP F PAT


NEW BOOK RELEASES | July 23, 2020

Title Author Call No.
The unidentified Dickey, Colin 130 DIC
The answer is … reflections on my life Trebek, Alex B TRE
The daughters of Foxcote Manor Chase, Eve F CHA
The pull of the stars Donoghue, Emma F DON
He started it Downing, Samantha F DOW
Daughter of the Reich Fein, Louise F FEI
The lending library Fogelson, Aliza F FOG
Deadly touch Graham, Heather F GRA
Camino winds Grisham, John F GRI
The book of lost names Harmel, Kristin F HAR
Half Moon Bay Kellerman, Jonathan F KEL
Some go home Lindsey, Odie F LIN
The vacation Logan, T. M. F LOG
Other people’s pets Maizes, R. L. F MAI
Malorie Malerman, Josh F MAL
The right sort of man Montclair, Allison F MON
Love & other crimes : stories Paretsky, Sara F PAR
Muzzled Rosenfelt, David F ROS
Near dark Thor, Brad F THO
The woman before Wallis Turnbull, Bryn F TUR
A walk along the beach Macomber, Debbie LP F MAC
Cajun justice Patterson, James LP F PAT


NEW BOOK RELEASES | July 16, 2020

Title Author Call No.
Life is in the transitions Feiler, Bruce 155.9 FEI
The case of the vanishing blonde Bowden, Mark 364.15 BOW
When truth is all you have McCloskey, Jim 365.6 MCC
The sirens of Mars Johnson, Sarah Stewart 576.839 JOH
A very punchable face Jost, Colin B JOS
Carrying the Colors Beckman, W. Robert B SMI
The revelators Atkins, Ace F ATK
The vanishing half Bennett, Brit F BEN
What you wish for Center, Katherine F CEN
Blacktop wasteland Cosby, S. A. F COS
Exciting times Dolan, Naoise F DOL
The safe place Downes, Anna F DOW
Last Tang standing Ho, Lauren F HO
The only good Indians Jones, Stephen Graham F JON
The house on Fripp Island Kauffman, Rebecca F KAU
Perfectly famous Liebert, Emily F LIE
A walk along the beach Macomber, Debbie F MAC
Deacon King Kong McBride, James F MCB
Utopia Avenue Mitchell, David F MIT
Fraternity : stories Nugent, Benjamin F NUG
Cajun justice Patterson, James F PAT
The Order Silva, Daniel F SIL


NEW BOOK RELEASES | July 8, 2020

Title Author Call No.
The deficit myth Kelton, Stephanie 339.53 KEL
The room where it happened Bolton, John R. 973.932 BOL
Shadows of Foxworth Andrews, V. C. F AND
Devolution Brooks, Max F BRO
Outsider Castillo, Linda F CAS
Outsider Castillo, Linda F CAS
Firing point Maden, Mike F CLA
The heir affair Cocks, Heather F COC
Nothing can hurt you Goldberg, Nicola Maye F GOL
The last wife Hamilton, Karen F HAM
Always the last to know Higgins, Kristan F HIG
All the broken people Konen, Leah F KON
The golden cage Läckberg, Camilla F LAC
The girl from widow hills Miranda, Megan F MIR
The shadows North, Alex F NOR
Lake life Poissant, David James F POI
Of mutts and men Quinn, Spencer F QUI
Mother daughter widow wife Wasserman, Robin F WAS
The Lost and Found Bookshop Wiggs, Susan F WIG
Her last flight Williams, Beatriz F WIL
A beautifully foolish endeavor Green, Hank SF GRE


NEW BOOK RELEASES | July 1, 2020

Title Author Call No.
Our time is now Abrams, Stacey 324.6 ABR
Kitchen garden revival Burke, Nicole Johnsey 635 BUR
Countdown 1945 Wallace, Chris 940.54 WAL
My vanishing country Sellers, Bakari B SEL
Something she’s not telling us Bell, Darcey F BEL
The finders Burton, Jeffrey B. F BUR
Holding out for Christmas Dailey, Janet F DAI CHRISTMAS
Little secrets Hillier, Jennifer F HIL
Sex and vanity Kwan, Kevin F KWA
The dilemma Paris, B. A. F PAR
The Black Swan of Paris Robards, Karen F ROB
Eliza starts a rumor Rosen, Jane L. F ROS
Home before dark Sager, Riley F SAG
The lion’s den St. John, Katherine F ST.J
Friends and strangers Sullivan, J. Courtney F SUL
The kingdom of liars Martell, Nick SF MAR


NEW BOOK RELEASES | June 24, 2020

Title Author Call No.
Fortitude Crenshaw, Dan 306.097 CRE
Unexpected prescriptions Henry, Paula D. LOCAL 615.092 HEN
The guest list Foley, Lucy F FOL
Happy & you know it Hankin, Laura F HAN
28 summers Hilderbrand, Elin F HIL
The henna artist Joshi, Alka F JOS
Seven lies Kay, Elizabeth F KAY
An elegant woman McPhee, Martha F MCP
On Ocean Boulevard Monroe, Mary Alice F MON
Shakespeare for squirrels Moore, Christopher F MOO
The secrets they left behind Redmond, Lissa Marie F RED
The daughters of Erietown Schultz, Connie F SCH
The summer deal Shalvis, Jill F SHA
The book of V. Solomon, Anna F SOL
All adults here Straub, Emma F STR
Big summer Weiner, Jennifer F WEI
Distant dead Young, Heather F YOU
Hello, summer Andrews, Mary Kay LP F AND
28 summers Hilderbrand, Elin LP F HIL
Daddy’s girls Steel, Danielle LP F STE


NEW BOOK RELEASES | June 11, 2020

Title Author Call No.
The ultimate retirement guide for 50+ Orman, Suze 306.38 ORM
Mrs. Lincoln’s sisters Chiaverini, Jennifer F CHI
The lies that bind Giffin, Emily F GIF
Credible threat Jance, Judith A. F JAN
The Jane Austen society Jenner, Natalie F JEN
The persuasion Johansen, Iris F JOH
Truth and justice Michaels, Fern F MIC
Night. Sleep. Death. The Stars. Oates, Joyce Carol F OAT
The summer house Patterson, James F PAT
Hush Patterson, James F PAT
Daddy’s girls Steel, Danielle F STE
Catherine house Thomas, Elisabeth F THO
The last trial Turow, Scott F TUR
The end of October Wright, Lawrence F WRI
Hush Patterson, James LP F PAT
The summer house Patterson, James LP F PAT

NEW BOOK RELEASES | June 5, 2020

Title Author Call No.
Savage son Carr, Jack F CAR
Fair warning Connelly, Michael F CON
Someone like you Kingsbury, Karen F KIN
Bombshell Woods, Stuart F WOO
Fair warning Connelly, Michael LP F CON

NEW BOOK RELEASES | May 27, 2020

Title Author Call No.
Growing old Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall 305.26 THO
Becoming wild Safina, Carl 591.7 SAF
Hidden Valley Road Kolker, Robert 616.898 KOL
The complete summer cookbook America’s Test Kitchen 641.564 AME
The women with silver wings Landdeck, Katherine Sharp 940.54 LAN
The Lincoln conspiracy Meltzer, Brad 973.7 MEL
In the waves Lance, Rachel 973.75 LAN
The house of Kennedy Patterson, James B KEN
I’m your huckleberry Kilmer, Val B KIL
About your father and other celebrities I have known Rowe, Peggy B ROW
Eagle Station Brown, Dale F BRO
Furmidable foes Brown, Rita Mae F BRO
You let me in Bruce, Camilla F BRU
The wife stalker Constantine, Liv F CON
Wrath of poseidon Cussler, Clive F CUS
The goodbye man Deaver, Jeffery F DEA
A week at the shore Delinsky, Barbara F DEL
The big finish Fossey, Brooke F FOS
Summer darlings Foster, Brooke Lea F FOS
The Paris hours George, Alex F GEO
Seeing Darkness Graham, Heather F GRA
The queen’s secret Harper, Karen F HAR
The Grace Kelly dress Janowitz, Brenda F JAN
The talented Mr. Varg McCall Smith, Alexander F MCC
A good marriage McCreight, Kimberly F MCC
The love story of Missy Carmichael Morrey, Beth F MOR
Unyielding hope Oke, Janette F OKE
The new husband Palmer, Daniel F PAL
The 20th Victim Patterson, James F PAT
Close up Quick, Amanda F QUI
Hideaway Roberts, Nora F ROB
Miss Julia knows a thing or two Ross, Ann B. F ROS
Ghosts of Harvard Serritella, Francesca Scottoline F SER
To wake the giant Shaara, Jeff F SHA
Take me apart Sligar, Sara F SLI
Girls of summer Thayer, Nancy F THA
Katheryn Howard, the scandalous queen Weir, Alison F WEI
Valentine Wetmore, Elizabeth F WET
Have you seen me? White, Kate F WHI
The 20th Victim Patterson, James LP F PAT
In five years Serle, Rebecca LP F SER
Redhead by the side of the road Tyler, Anne LP F TYL
The shotgun wedding Johnstone, William W. W JOH


NEW BOOK RELEASES | May 18, 2020

Title Author Call No.
The final deception Graham, Heather F GRA
Hidden Salem Hooper, Kay F HOO
Devoted Koontz, Dean R. F KOO
Code name Hélène Lawhon, Ariel F LAW
Fearless Michaels, Fern F MIC
Revenge Patterson, James F PAT
One fatal flaw Perry, Anne F PER
Revenge Patterson, James LP F PAT
Providence Barry, Max SF BAR



Title Author Call No.
The bird way Ackerman, Jennifer 598.15 ACK
Hello, summer Andrews, Mary Kay F AND
Sunrise on Half Moon Bay Carr, Robyn F CAR


NEW BOOK RELEASES | April 30, 2020

Title Author Call No.
The kidnap years Stout, David 364.15 STO
Woodworking DK Publishing 684.08 WOO
Woman on the edge Bailey, Samantha M. F BAI
Walk the wire Baldacci, David F BAL
Pretty things Brown, Janelle F BRO
The happy camper Carlson, Melody F CAR
The familiar dark Engel, Amy F ENG
Camino winds Grisham, John F GRI
The deep Katsu, Alma F KAT
The book of longings Kidd, Sue Monk F KID
If it bleeds : new fiction King, Stephen F KIN
The mirror & the light Mantel, Hilary F MAN
The glass hotel Mandel, Emily St. John F MAN
One perfect summer Novak, Brenda F NOV
Dead Land Paretsky, Sara F PAR
Hour of the assassin Quirk, Matthew F QUI
My dark Vanessa Russell, Kate Elizabeth F RUS
Masked prey Sandford, John F SAN
Hid from our eyes Spencer-Fleming, Julia F SPE
The wedding dress Steel, Danielle F STE
Redhead by the side of the road Tyler, Anne F TYL
The book of lost friends Wingate, Lisa F WIN
The house of Kennedy Patterson, James LP B KEN
Walk the wire Baldacci, David LP F BAL
Long range Box, C. J. LP F BOX
The boy from the woods Coben, Harlan LP F COB
Camino winds Grisham, John LP F GRI
Masked prey Sandford, John LP F SAN
The wedding dress Steel, Danielle LP F STE
The city we became Jemisin, N. K. SF JEM


NEW BOOK RELEASES | March 27, 2020

Title Author Call No.
Workers on arrival Trotter, Joe William 331.6 TRO
The Manual of strategic planning for cultural organizations Lord, Gail Dexter 658.4 LOR
Lady in waiting Glenconner, Anne 941.085 GLE
The return Harrison, Rachel F HAR
Texas outlaw Patterson, James F PAT
The K team Rosenfelt, David, F ROS
The crow’s call Brunstetter, Wanda E. LP F BRU
Coconut layer cake murder Fluke, Joanne LP F FLU
Texas outlaw Patterson, James LP F PAT



NEW BOOK RELEASES | March 20, 2020

Title Author Call No.
Why we can’t sleep Calhoun, Ada 305.244 CAL
Estate planning basics Clifford, Denis 346.73 CLI
The complete dog breed book Bryan, Kim 636.71 COM
Fit men cook Curry, Kevin 641.563 CUR
Criss cross Patterson, James BOOK/CD PAT
Lost Patterson, James BOOK/CD PAT
Tony’s wife Trigiani, Adriana BOOK/CD TRI
The operator Berg, Gretchen F BER
The red lotus Bohjalian, Chris F BOH
The boy from the woods Coben, Harlan F COB
A forgotten murder Deveraux, Jude F DEV
The sea of lost girls Goodman, Carol F GOO
Writers & lovers King, Lily F KIN
A conspiracy of bones Reichs, Kathy F REI
The last odyssey Rollins, James F ROL
The yellow bird sings Rosner, Jennifer F ROS
The Jerusalem assassin Rosenberg, Joel C. F ROS
The sea glass cottage Thayne, RaeAnne F THA
The jetsetters Ward, Amanda Eyre F WAR
The lost diary of M Wolfe, Paul F WOL
Hit list Woods, Stuart F WOO
Darling Rose Gold Wrobel, Stephanie F WRO
Lavender blue murder Childs, Laura LP F CHI
The hope Davids, Patricia LP F DAV
Dear Edward Napolitano, Ann LP F NAP
Star wars, the rise of Skywalker Carson, Rae SF CAR


NEW BOOK RELEASES | March 13, 2020

Title Author Call No.
The gift of forgiveness Schwarzenegger, Katherine 155.92 SCH
The hunt for history Raab, Nathan 790.132 RAA
K : a history of baseball in ten pitches Kepner, Tyler 796.357 KEP
The body double Beyda, Emily F BEY
Journey of the pharaohs Cussler, Clive F CUS
A good neighborhood Fowler, Therese F FOW
Gone by midnight Fox, Candice F FOX
Pretty as a picture Little, Elizabeth F LIT
A reasonable doubt Margolin, Phillip F MAR
Weather Offill, Jenny F OFF
A murderous relation Raybourn, Deanna F RAY
Blame the dead Ruggero, Ed F RUG
The Sun Down Motel St. James, Simone F SAI
In five years Serle, Rebecca F SER
Blood truth Ward, J. R. F WAR
The splendid and the vile Larson, Erik LP 940.542 LAR
The numbers game Steel, Danielle LP F STE
The last day Murray, Andy SF MUR


NEW BOOK RELEASES | March 6, 2020

Title Author Call No.
18 tiny deaths Goldfarb, Bruce 363.25 GOL
Designing your work life Burnett, William 650.1 BUR
QuickBooks 2020 all-in-one Nelson, Stephen L. 657.9 NEL
Moon Nashville Littman, Margaret 917.68 LIT
Rust : a memoir of steel and grit Goldbach, Eliese Colette B GOL
Follow me Barber, Kathleen F BAR
Long range Box, C. J. F BOX
These ghosts are family Card, Maisy F CAR
Lavender blue murder Childs, Laura F CHI
The girl with the louding voice Daré, Abi F DAR
The night watchman Erdrich, Louise F ERD
Lethal game Feehan, Christine F FEE
You are not alone Hendricks, Greer F HEN
We were the lucky ones Hunter, Georgia F HUN
The Paris orphan Lester, Natasha F LES
Please see us Mullen, Caitlin F MUL
Secrets of my heart Peterson, Tracie F PET
The lucky one Rader-Day, Lori F RAD
A rainbow above us Sala, Sharon F SAL
The two lives of Lydia Bird Silver, Josie F SIL
The numbers game Steel, Danielle F STE
Eight perfect murders Swanson, Peter F SWA


NEW BOOK RELEASES | February 28, 2020

Title Author Call No.
Windows 10 in easy steps Vandome, Nick 005.446 VAN
Cybersecurity for Dummies Steinberg, Joseph 005.8 STE
Suffrage : women’s long battle for the vote DuBois, Ellen Carol 324.623 DUB
The unexpected spy Walder, Tracy 363.325 WAL
Nature’s best hope Tallamy, Douglas W. 635.951 TAL
Sew step by step Smith, Alison 646.2 SMI
Ready or not Levine, Madeline 649.156 LEV
Knit step by step Haffenden, Vikki 746.432 HAF
The splendid and the vile Larson, Erik 940.54 LAR
Open book Simpson, Jessica B SIM
The splendid and the vile Larson, Erik BOOK/CD 940.54 LAR
The Warsaw protocol Berry, Steve F BER
Coconut layer cake murder Fluke, Joanne F FLU
Death by chocolate frosted doughnut Graves, Sarah F GRA
Last girl standing Jackson, Lisa F JAC
The king’s justice MacNeal, Susan Elia F MAC
The girl in white gloves Maher, Kerri F MAH
Murder in an Irish cottage O’Connor, Carlene F O’CON
Two steps forward Fisher, Suzanne Woods LP F FIS
Forever hidden Peterson, Tracie LP F PET
Treason Woods, Stuart LP F WOO


NEW BOOK RELEASES | February 25, 2020

Title Author Call No.
Blindside Patterson, James BOOK/CD PAT
Blindside Patterson, James F PAT
Blindside Patterson, James LP F PAT


NEW BOOK RELEASES | February 20, 2020

Title Author Call No.
Computer basics : absolute beginner’s guide Miller, Michael 004.16 MIL
Death is but a dream Kerr, Christopher, M.D. 155.937 KER
A black women’s history of the United States Berry, Daina Ramey 305.48 BER
The second chance club Hardy, Jason Matthew 364.62 HAR
The book you wish your parents had read Perry, Philippa 649.1 PER
The impossible first O’Brady, Colin 919.8904 O’BR
Franklin & Washington Larson, Edward J. 973.309 LAR
Historic black settlements of Ohio Meyers, David 977.1 MEY
Hill women Chambers, Cassie B CHA
The adventurer’s son Dial, Roman B DIA
Perfect little children Hannah, Sophie BOOK/CD HAN
No bad deed Chavez, Heather F CHA
The dark corners of the night Gardiner, Meg F GAR
One minute out Greaney, Mark F GRE
The other Mrs. Kubica, Mary F KUB
The antidote for everything Martin, Kimmery F MAR
The holdout Moore, Graham F MOO
The coming storm Roberts, Nora F ROB
Saint X Schaitkin, Alexis F SCH
Toxic toffee Flower, Amanda LP F FLO
Deadwood ambush Paine, Lauran LP W PAI


NEW BOOK RELEASES | February 14, 2020

Title Author Call No.
Debt 101 Cagan, Michele 332.024 CAG
Retirement planning Krantz, Matt 332.024 KRA
American Sherlock Dawson, Kate Winkler 363.25 DAW
The falcon thief Hammer, Joshua 364.162 HAM
The field guide to citizen science Cavalier, Darlene 500 CAV
Decoding boys Natterson, Cara Familian 649.125 NAT
Hold on, but don’t hold still Kuzmič, Kristina B KUZ
Postscript Ahern, Cecelia BOOK/CD AHE
Postscript Ahern, Cecelia F AHE
Above the bay of angels Bowen, Rhys F BOW
Cleaning the gold Child, Lee F CHI
Agency Gibson, William F GIB
Been there, married that Grazer, Gigi Levangie F LEV
Sisters by Choice Mallery, Susan F MAL
Dead to her Pinborough, Sarah F PIN
The absolution Yrsa Sigurðardóttir F YRS

NEW BOOK RELEASES | February 7, 2020

Title Author Call No.
How to make your money last Quinn, Jane Bryant 332.024 QUI
The scientist and the spy Hvistendahl, Mara 364.168 HVI
Digital photography King, Julie Adair 778.3 KIN
The landscape photography book Kelby, Scott 778.936 KEL
Moral compass Steel, Danielle BOOK/CD STE
You never forget your first : a biography of George Washington Coe, Alexis B WAS
Out of the attic Andrews, V. C. F AND
Followers Angelo, Megan F ANG
A perfect explanation Anstruther, Eleanor F ANS
The Last Sister Elliot, Kendra F ELL
The wives Fisher, Tarryn F FIS
Thief River Falls Freeman, Brian F FRE
Perfect little children Hannah, Sophie F HAN
Winter of despair Harrison, Cora F HAR
The museum of desire Kellerman, Jonathan F KEL
Country strong Miller, Linda Lael F MIL
The authenticity project Pooley, Clare F POO
Crooked river Preston, Douglas J. F PRE
Last day Rice, Luanne F RIC
Golden in death Robb, J. D. F ROB
A divided loyalty Todd, Charles F TOD
The river murders Patterson, James LP F PAT
Moral compass Steel, Danielle LP F STE