New Book Releases

NEW BOOK RELEASES | July 19, 2019

Title Author Call No.
Range : why generalists triumph in a specialized world Epstein, David J. 153.9 EPS
Cannabis & CBD for health & wellness Sherman, Aliza 615.7827 SHE
At your best as an electrician Carosso, Juan 621.3 CAR
Storey’s guide to training horses Thomas, Heather Smith 636.1 STO
Starting a business all-in-one Allen, Kathleen R. 658.4 STA
At your best as a welder Carosso, Juan 671.52 CAR
Basic welding for farm and ranch Galvery, William L., Jr. 671.52 GAL
At your best as a mason Carosso, Juan 693.1 CAR
At your best as a carpenter Carosso, Juan 694.068 CAR
At your best as a plumber Carosso, Juan 696.1 CAR
At your best as an HVAC/R tech Carosso, Juan 697.002 CAR
At your best as a painter Carosso, Juan 698.1 CAR
Grandpa magic Kronzek, Allan Zola 793.8 KRO
Redemption Baldacci, David BOOK/CD BAL
Summer of ’69 Hilderbrand, Elin BOOK/CD HIL
Paranoid Jackson, Lisa BOOK/CD JAC
Lost and found Steel, Danielle BOOK/CD STE
Surfside sisters Thayer, Nancy BOOK/CD THA
The last list of Miss Judith Kratt Bobotis, Andrea F BOB
Tell me everything Brockman, Cambria F BRO
Shamed Castillo, Linda F CAS
Tom Clancy, enemy contact Maden, Mike F CLA
Buried Cooper, Ellison F COO
The other Mrs. Miller Dickson, Allison M. F DIC
Summer hours Doan, Amy Mason F DOA
The gifted school Holsinger, Bruce W. F HOL
Window on the bay Macomber, Debbie F MAC
The second-worst restaurant in France McCall Smith, Alexander F MCC
Sophia, princess among beasts Patterson, James F PAT
Her daughter’s mother Petrova, Daniela F PET
Fatal inheritance Rhys, Rachel F RHY
The flight girls Salazar, Noelle F SAL
The new girl Silva, Daniel F SIL
A reluctant belle White, Beth F WHI
The nickel boys Whitehead, Colson F WHI
The golden hour Williams, Beatriz F WIL

NEW BOOK RELEASES | July 12, 2019

Title Author Call No.
Conscious Harris, Annaka 153 HAR
Coping skills Harper, Faith G. 158.1 HAR
The DIY guide to building a family that lasts Chapman, Gary D. 248.4 CHA
Upheaval Diamond, Jared M. 303.48 DIA
The addiction spectrum Thomas, Paul, M.D. 362.29 THO
Breaking the cycle of opioid addiction Blesching, Uwe 362.293 BLE
Natural therapies for overcoming opioid dependency Browne, Catherine 362.293 BRO
The time-saver’s workout Little, John R. 613.71 LIT
Autism and your teen Grossberg, Blythe N. 616.8588 GRO
Conquering Lyme disease Fallon, Brian, M.D. 616.9 FAL
Storey’s guide to raising sheep Simmons, Paula 636.3 SIM
Wits guts grit Pincott, J. (Jena) 649.1 PIN
Fall and rise : the story of 9/11 Zuckoff, Mitchell 973.931 ZUC
Mostly dead things Arnett, Kristen N. F ARN
The shameless Atkins, Ace F ATK
The last book party Dukess, Karen F DUK
A nearly normal family Edvardsson, M.T. F EDV
Chimes of a lost cathedral Fitch, Jane F FIT
Stone cold heart Frear, Caz F FRE
Never look back Gaylin, Alison F GAY
Breathe in, cash out Henry, Madeleine F HEN
Evvie Drake starts over Holmes, Linda F HOL
Bethlehem Kelly, Karen F KEL
The most fun we ever had Lombardo, Claire F LOM
The last collection Mackin, Jeanne F MAC
The chain McKinty, Adrian F MCK
Dragonfly Meacham, Leila F MEA
Knife Nesbø, Jo F NES
Under currents Roberts, Nora F ROB
The guest book Blake, Sarah LP F BLA
Queen bee Frank, Dorothea Benton LP F FRA
Unsolved Patterson, James LP F PAT
Lost and found Steel, Danielle LP F STE

NEW BOOK RELEASES | July 5, 2019

Title Author Call No.
Unfreedom of the press Levin, Mark R. 070.4 LEV
The bottom of the pool Andrews, Andy 158.1 AND
The complete family guide to addiction Harrison, Thomas F. 362.29 HAR
Tinkernut presents upcycled technology Davis, Daniel 363.72 DAV
Reading revealed Stephens, Diane 372.45 STE
Hangry Fragoso, Sarah 612.4 FRA
The Jane Austen diet Austen, Jane 613.2 AUS
Vaccines Feemster, Kristen A. 614.47 FEE
Outsmarting autism Lemer, Patricia S. 616.85 LEM
The women’s guide to overcoming insomnia Harris, Shelby 616.8 HAR
Superbugs McCarthy, Matt 616.9041 MCC
Beat autoimmune Kippola, Palmer 616.978 KIP
Strengthen your back Peters, Michael 617.56 STR
Keto friendly recipes Garza, Jennifer Marie 641.5638 GAR
Spying on the South Horwitz, Tony 917.504 HOR
Theodore Roosevelt for the defense Abrams, Dan 973.91 ABR
From scratch Locke, Tembi B LOC
The house next door Patterson, James BOOK/CD PAT
Target: Alex Cross Patterson, James BOOK/CD PAT
A delicate touch Woods, Stuart BOOK/CD WOO
Girls like us Alger, Cristina F ALG
Whisper network Baker, Chandler F BAK
Very nice Dermansky, Marcy F DER
Under the cold bright lights Disher, Garry F DIS
Searching for Sylvie Lee Kwok, Jean F KWO
The Rosie result Simsion, Graeme C. F SIM
Surfside sisters Thayer, Nancy F THA
Sunset beach Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954- LP F AND
Summer of ’69 Hilderbrand, Elin, LP F HIL
Blessing in disguise Steel, Danielle LP F STE

NEW BOOK RELEASES | June 28, 2019

Title Author Call No.
How to Become a Federal Criminal Chase, Mike 081 CHA
Love thy neighbor Virji, Ayaz 297.092 VIR
Childfree by choice Blackstone, Amy 306.874 BLA
The not good enough mother Lamb, Sharon 306.874 LAM
Separate Luxenberg, Steve 342.7308 LUX
The deadly deep Ballantyne, Iain 359.93 BAL
American fix Hampton, Ryan 362.29 HAM
In pain Rieder, Travis 362.293 RIE
Kingdom of lies Fazzini, Kate 364.16 FAZ
How to make disease disappear Chatterjee, Rangan 613 CHA
The fibromanual Liptan, Ginevra 616.742 LIP
Cribsheet Oster, Emily 618.2 OST
Eat like you give a fork Ibrahim, Mareya 641.5637 IBR
Mayo Clinic guide to raising a healthy child Mattke, Angela C. 649.1 MAT
The volunteer Fairweather, Jack 940.53 FAI
Alone at dawn Schilling, Dan 958.104 SCH
Big sky Atkinson, Kate BOOK/CD ATK
The never game Deaver, Jeffery BOOK/CD DEA
Blessing in disguise Steel, Danielle BOOK/CD STE
Beautiful liars Ashdown, Isabel F ASH
Big sky Atkinson, Kate F ATK
Dear wife Belle, Kimberly F BEL
Bite club Berenson, Laurien F BER
The bookshop on the shore Colgan, Jenny F COL
A lady’s guide to gossip and murder Freeman, Dianne F FRE
The sentence is death Horowitz, Anthony F HOR
Paranoid Jackson, Lisa F JAC
The orphan’s song Kate, Lauren F KAT
Ask again, yes Keane, Mary Beth F KEA
After the end Mackintosh, Clare F MAC
I’ll never tell McKenzie, Catherine F MCK
Lost and found Steel, Danielle F STE
Fall; or, Dodge in hell Stephenson, Neal F STE
False step Stone, Victoria Helen F STO
Backlash Thor, Brad F THO
Furious hours Cep, Casey N. LP 364.152 CEP

NEW BOOK RELEASES | June 21, 2019

Title Author Call No.
The mindful day Cameron, Laurie 158.12 CAM
The next right thing Freeman, Emily P. 248.4 FRE
One by one Bush, Nicholas 362.293 BUS
Slime Kassinger, Ruth 579.8 KAS
Aging in reverse Jill, Natalie 613.042 JIL
Clean & lean Smith, Ian 613.25 SMI
Dementia reimagined Powell, Tia 616.831 POW
Autism spectrum disorder Rosenblatt, Alan I. 618.928 ROS
Orbit of Discovery Thomas, Don 629.441 THO
Plant parenting Halleck, Leslie F. 631.53 HAL
Betty Crocker Make it in one Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Pub. Co. 641.82 BET
Canada Eyewitness Travel 917.1 CAN
Family guide Florida Eyewitness Travel 917.59 FLO
Valley Forge Drury, Bob 973.3 DRU
The guest book Blake, Sarah BOOK/CD BLA
The wedding guest Kellerman, Jonathan BOOK/CD KEL
The night window Koontz, Dean R. BOOK/CD KOO
The first lady Patterson, James BOOK/CD PAT
The 18th abduction Patterson, James BOOK/CD PAT
The sound of gravel Wariner, Ruth B WAR
The body lies Baker, Jo F BAK
Mrs. Jeffries delivers the goods Brightwell, Emily F BRI
Wunderland Epstein, Jennifer Cody F EPS
The reluctant midwife Harman, Patricia F HAR
Summer of ’69 Hilderbrand, Elin F HIL
The rumor Kara, Lesley F KAR
The last house guest Miranda, Megan F MIR
The Lemon sisters Shalvis, Jill F SHA
A good enough mother Thomas, Bev F THO

NEW BOOK RELEASES | June 14, 2019

Title Author Call No.
Virtual and augmented reality Mealy, Paul 006.8 MEA
The atlas of happiness Russell, Helen 152.42 RUS
I love you but I hate your politics Safer, Jeanne 158.24 SAF
How to Skimm your life Skimm, Inc. 305.4 SKI
Ill winds Diamond, Larry Jay 321.8 DIA
Elderhood Aronson, Louise 362.6 ARO
The truffle underground Jacobs, Ryan McMahon 381.4158 JAC
TheDadLab Urban, Sergei 507.8 URB
The ice at the end of the world Gertner, Jon 559.82 GER
One giant leap Fishman, Charles 629.454 FIS
Writing to persuade Hall, Trish 808.042 HAL
Stony the road Gates, Henry Louis, Jr. 973.049 GAT
Furious hours Cep, Casey N. BOOK/CD 364.152 CEP
The oracle Cussler, Clive BOOK/CD CUS
Queen bee Frank, Dorothea Benton BOOK/CD FRA
Unsolved Patterson, James BOOK/CD PAT
The paper wasp Acampora, Lauren F ACA
Those people Candlish, Louise F CAN
The Oracle Cussler, Clive F CUS
The first mistake Jones, Sandie F JON
The summer of Sunshine & Margot Mallery, Susan F MAL
The summer guests Monroe, Mary Alice F MON
The islanders Moore, Meg Mitchell F MOO
Call your daughter home Spera, Deb F SPE
Mrs. Everything Weiner, Jennifer F WEI
The hive Card, Orson Scott SF CAR

NEW BOOK RELEASES | June 7, 2019

Title Author Call No.
Stay sexy & don’t get murdered Kilgariff, Karen 155.33 KIL
Trumpocalypse McGuire, Paul 236.9 MCG
The fate of food Little, Amanda 338.1 LIT
The opioid epidemic Olsen, Yngvild 362.29 OLS
Fight like a mother Watts, Shannon 363.33 WAT
Norco ’80 Houlahan, Peter 364.15 HOU
Sprout lands : tending the endless gift of trees Logan, William Bryant 582.16 LOG
ADHD Wolraich, Mark 618.92 WOL
How to raise successful people Wojcicki, Esther 649.1 WOJ
Code name: Lise Loftis, Larry 940.548 LOF
The pioneers McCullough, David G. BOOK/CD 977 MCC
Sunset beach Andrews, Mary Kay BOOK/CD AND
The road home Evans, Richard Paul BOOK/CD EVA
The Big Kahuna Evanovich, Janet BOOK/CD EVA
Watching you Jewell, Lisa BOOK/CD JEW
Someone knows Scottoline, Lisa BOOK/CD SCO
Their little secret Billingham, Mark F BIL
Whiskers in the dark Brown, Rita Mae F BRO
This storm Ellroy, James F ELL
City of girls Gilbert, Elizabeth F GIL
The shallows Goldman, Matt F GOL
The friends we keep Green, Jane F GRE
Montauk Harrison, Nicola F HAR
The den Maxwell, Abi F MAX
Unsolved Patterson, James F PAT
Beyond all reasonable doubt Persson Giolito, Malin F PER
The spies of Shilling Lane Ryan, Jennifer F RYA
All the lost things Sacks, Michelle F SAC
More news tomorrow Shreve, Susan F SHR
On earth we’re briefly gorgeous Vuong, Ocean F VUO
The summer country Willig, Lauren F WIL
Skin game Woods, Stuart F WOO
Sea stories McRaven, William H. LP B MCR
The summer country Willig, Lauren LP F WIL
Exhalation Chiang, Ted SF CHI

NEW BOOK RELEASES | May 31, 2019

Title Author Call No.
Mama, mama, only mama Lillibridge, Lara 306.874 LIL
This America Lepore, Jill 320.973 LEP
I’m saying no! Engel, Beverly 364.153 ENG
The universe speaks in numbers Farmelo, Graham 530.01 FAR
The emotion code Nelson, Bradley 615.5 NEL
Your future family Bergman, Kim 618.1 BER
How to : negotiate Copper-Ind, Christopher 658.4 COP
Four hours of fury Fenelon, James 940.5421 FEN
A woman of no importance Purnell, Sonia 940.54 PUR
Capital Gaines Gaines, Chip B GAI
Some choose darkness Donlea, Charlie F DON
Murder in red Fletcher, Jessica F FLE
Queen bee Frank, Dorothea Benton F FRA
Lost and wanted Freudenberger, Nell F FRE
Murder at Morrington Hall McKenna, Clara F MCK
Hot shot Michaels, Fern F MIC
The flatshare O’Leary, Beth F O’LE
Ravnica : war of the spark Weisman, Greg SF WEI
The killer across the table Douglas, John E. LP 363.25 DOU
Redemption Baldacci, David LP F BAL
The Big Kahuna Evanovich, Janet LP F EVA
A murderous marriage Maxwell, Alyssa LP F MAX
The department of sensitive crimes McCall Smith, Alexander LP F MCC
The 18th abduction Patterson, James LP F PAT
Neon prey Sandford, John LP F SAN
Run away Coben, Harlan BOOK/CD COB
I know who you are Feeney, Alice BOOK/CD FEE
Lost roses Kelly, Martha Hall BOOK/CD KEL
The 18th abduction Patterson, James BOOK/CD PAT

NEW BOOK RELEASES | May 24, 2019

Title Author Call No.
iPad for seniors for dummies® Spivey, Dwight 004.1675 SPI
The Moscow rules Mendez, Antonio J. 327.1273 MEN
Overcoming opioid addiction Bisaga, Adam 362.293 BIS
Murder by the book Harman, Claire 364.152 HAR
Eat to sleep Meyer, Karman 613.794 MEY
Revolutionary O’Connell, Robert L. 973.4 O’CO
The impeachers Wineapple, Brenda 973.8 WIN
Killing the deep state Corsi, Jerome R. 973.933 COR
Every tool’s a hammer Savage, Adam B SAV
Mistress of the Ritz Benjamin, Melanie F BEN
The Tubman command Cobbs, Elizabeth F COB
The confessions of Frannie Langton Collins, Sara F COL
The last time I saw you Constantine, Liv F CON
The summoning Graham, Heather F GRA
The overdue life of Amy Byler Harms, Kelly F HAR
Cari mora Harris, Thomas F HAR
Biloxi Miller, Mary F MIL
Miracle at St. Andrews Patterson, James F PAT
The favorite daughter Rouda, Kaira Sturdivant F ROU
The night before Walker, Wendy F WAL
Anna of Kleve, the princess in the portrait Weir, Alison F WEI
Caribbean Rim White, Randy Wayne F WHI
The American agent Winspear, Jacqueline F WIN
Someone knows Scottoline, Lisa LP F SCO

NEW BOOK RELEASES | May 17, 2019

Title Author Call No.
Worried? Chudler, Eric H. 152.46 CHU
Can’t make this stuff up! Lewis, Susannah B. 277.3 LEW
The uninhabitable earth Wallace-Wells, David 304.28 WAL
All the rage Lockman, Darcy 306.874 LOC
Life after suicide Ashton, Jennifer 362.28 ASH
The five : the untold lives of the women killed by Jack the Ripper Rubenhold, Hallie 362.88 RUB
Managing chronic pain in an age of addiction Purvez, Akhtar 616.04 PUR
The algebra of happiness Galloway, Scott 650.1 GAL
A craftsman’s legacy Gorges, Eric 745.5 GOR
D-Day girls Rose, Sarah 940.54 ROS
A bend in the stars Barenbaum, Rachel F BAR
The guest book Blake, Sarah F BLA
Drawing home Brenner, Jamie F BRE
Resistance women Chiaverini, Jennifer F CHI
After the party Connolly, Cressida F CON
The daughter’s tale Correa, Armando Lucas F COR
The never game Deaver, Jeffery F DEA
The night window Koontz, Dean R. F KOO
The night window Koontz, Dean R. F KOO
If she wakes Koryta, Michael F KOR
The scent of murder Logan, Kylie F LOG
The Yankee widow Miller, Linda Lael F MIL
The body in the wake Page, Katherine Hall F PAG
The farm Ramos, Joanne F RAM
Light from other stars Swyler, Erika F SWY
American moonshot Brinkley, Douglas LP 629.4 BRI

NEW BOOK RELEASES | May 10, 2019

Title Author Call No.
The human swarm Moffett, Mark W. 301 MOF
Whatever gets you through Fowles, Stacey May 362.883 WHA
Our universe Dunkley, Jo 523.1 DUN
Propagating plants Toogood, Alan 635.9153 TOO
The way we eat now Wilson, Bee 641.013 WIL
The moth presents occasional magic Burns, Catherine 808.5 MOT
Lincoln road trip Ammeson, Jane Simon 917.3 AMM
The pioneers McCullough, David G. 977.23 MCC
Nanaville Quindlen, Anna B QUI
Frederick Douglass Blight, David W. BOOK/CD B DOU
Road atlas, 2020 : United States, Canada, Mexico Rand McNally and Company REF 912.7 RAN
Sunset beach Andrews, Mary Kay F AND
Sunset beach Andrews, Mary Kay F AND
The Kremlin strike Brown, Dale F BRO
A welcome at our door Clipston, Amy F CLI
The big Kahuna Evanovich, Janet F EVA
The road home Evans, Richard Paul F EVA
The tale teller Hillerman, Anne F HIL
Tightrope Quick, Amanda F QUI
The road to Grantchester Runcie, James F RUN
Blessing in disguise Steel, Danielle F STE
Only ever her Whalen, Marybeth F WHA
Such a perfect wife White, Kate F WHI


Title Author Call No.
The moment of lift Gates, Melinda 305.42 GAT
The right side of history Shapiro, Ben, 306.097 SHA
The Mueller report Mueller, Robert S., III 364 MUE
Go see the principal Brooks, Gerry 371.1 BRO
Backyard guide to the night sky Fazekas, Andrew 520 FAZ
Mama’s last hug Waal, F. B. M. de 599.885 WAA
Maybe you should talk to someone Gottlieb, Lori 616.89 GOT
Not your mama’s canning book Lindamood, Rebecca 641.42 LIN
Walking : one step at a time Kagge, Erling 796.51 KAG
Where the crawdads sing Owens, Delia BOOK/CD OWE
Little darlings Golding, Melanie F GOL
Willing to die Jackson, Lisa F JAC
Dark tribute Johansen, Iris F JOH
The invited McMahon, Jennifer F MCM
Far and away Michaels, Fern F MIC
The 18th abduction Patterson, James F PAT
The book woman of Troublesome Creek Richardson, Kim Michele F RIC
The wonder of lost causes Trout, Nick F TRO
Tiamat’s wrath Corey, James S. A. SF COR
The matriarch Page, Susan LP B BUS
Lost roses Kelly, Martha Hall LP F KEL
Two weeks Kingsbury, Karen LP F KIN
The tinderbox Lewis, Beverly LP F LEW
The Cornwalls are gone Patterson, James LP F PAT
Miracle at St. Andrews Patterson, James LP F PAT

NEW BOOK RELEASES | April 26, 2019

Title Author Call No.
The second mountain Brooks, David 302 BRO
The Mueller report Mueller, Robert S., III 364 MUE
Woodcraft Barn the Spoon 684.08 BAR
Spearhead Makos, Adam 940.54 MAK
Leap of faith Mazarr, Michael J. 956.70 MAZ
Neon prey Sandford, John BOOK/CD SAN
I know who you are Feeney, Alice F FEE
The mother-in-law Hepworth, Sally F HEP
Stone mothers Kelly, Erin F KEL
Machines like me McEwan, Ian F MCE
Trust me Ryan, Hank Phillippi F RYA
Neon prey Sandford, John F SAN
Tuesday’s promise Montalván, Luis Carlos LP 616.85 MON

NEW BOOK RELEASES | April 19, 2019

Title Author Call No.
Unified Scott, Tim 328.73 SCO
Never enough Grisel, Judith 362.29 GRI
Manual for survival Brown, Kate 363.17 BRO
The workshop and the world Crease, Robert P. 509 CRE
Liquid rules Miodownik, Mark 530.42 MIO
Elemental : James, Tim 546.8 JAM
How to be a patient Goldberg, Sana 610.696 GOL
The point of it all Krauthammer, Charles 814.6 KRA
American cipher Farwell, Matt 958.104 FAR
An anonymous girl Hendricks, Greer BOOK/CD HEN
The silent patient Michaelides, Alex BOOK/CD MIC
The 13-minute murder Patterson, James BOOK/CD PAT
Redemption Baldacci, David F BAL
Courting Mr. Lincoln Bayard, Louis F BAY
The better sister Burke, Alafair F BUR
Miracle Creek Kim, Angie F KIM
The tinderbox Lewis, Beverly F LEW
The department of sensitive crimes McCall Smith, Alexander F MCC
The 13-minute murder Patterson, James F PAT
The gown Robson, Jennifer F ROB
Normal people Rooney, Sally F ROO

NEW BOOK RELEASES | April 12, 2019

Title Author Call No.
The catalogue of shipwrecked books Wilson-Lee, Edward 010.92 WIL
Say nothing Keefe, Patrick Radden 364.152 KEE
Infinite powers Strogatz, Steven H. 515 STR
The pandemic century Honigsbaum, Mark 614.49 HON
Eat to beat disease Li, William W. 616.39 LI
Spaceflight Sparrow, Giles 629.41 SPA
On a roll : 14 quilts that start with 2 1/2″ strips Alexander, Lissa 746.46 ALE
Stitch with love Shaw, Mandy 746.46 SHA
Soldier, sailor, frogman, spy, airman, ganster, kill or die Milton, Giles 940.542 MIL
Girl, stop apologizing Hollis, Rachel BOOK/CD 248.843 HOL
Wolf pack Box, C. J. BOOK/CD BOX
Daisy Jones & the Six Reid, Taylor Jenkins BOOK/CD REI
Queenie Carty-Williams, Candice F CAR
Toxic game Feehan, Christine F FEE
Lights all night long Fitzpatrick, Lydia F FIT
The river Heller, Peter F HEL
The bookshop of the broken hearted Hillman, Robert F HIL
The woman in the photo Hogan, Mary F HOG
Lost roses Kelly, Martha Hall F KEL
Two weeks Kingsbury, Karen F KIN
The last year of the war Meissner, Susan F MEI
Miracle at St. Andrews Patterson, James F PAT
Triple jeopardy Perry, Anne F PER
The affairs of the falcóns Rivero, Melissa F RIV
Someone knows Scottoline, Lisa F SCO
Parkland Cullen, David LP 371.782 CUL

NEW BOOK RELEASES | April 5, 2019

Title Author Call No.
Girl, stop apologizing Hollis, Rachel 248.843 HOL
Topgun Pedersen, Dan 358.4 PED
The threat McCabe, Andrew 363.25 MCC
The lady from the black lagoon O’Meara, Mallory 777.7 O’ME
Madame Fourcade’s secret war Olson, Lynne 940.54 OLS
A wonderful stroke of luck Beattie, Ann F BEA
My lovely wife Downing, Samantha F DOW
Blood oath Fairstein, Linda A. F FAI
The girl he used to know Garvis Graves, Tracey F GAR
The night visitors Goodman, Carol F GOO
Cheer up, Mr. Widdicombe James, Evan F JAM
The A list Jance, Judith A. F JAN
The Cornwalls are gone Patterson, James F PAT
The editor Rowley, Steven F ROW
The cliff house Thayne, RaeAnne F THA
Girl, wash your face Hollis, Rachel LP 248.843 HOL
The silent patient Michaelides, Alex LP F MIC