St. Clairsville Community – Covid19 History Project

Help Us Preserve History!

St. Clairsville Community

Covid-19 History Project

The library is creating a digital library to preserve our community’s response to Covid-19. Show us how you, your family, friends and neighbors are responding to Covid-19.

There are 4 ways to contribute:

  1. Interview a friend or family member using the StoryCorps app on your smartphone. This is a fun, easy, and personal way to contribute.
  2. Answer our COVID19 History Project questions.
  3. Send us photos that show how your community or you are responding to COVID19.
  4. Children can also participate! Have your child work on the Covid19 Time Capsule. Staff will scan it to add your child’s work to the COVID19 online library.

I have something to contribute. How do I send it to the library?
You may submit materials for the Covid19 History Project using the links above, by mail, placing materials in our book drop during this closure period, or in person once we reopen to the community.

Why is it important to participate?
Right now people are vividly aware of the many ways that Covid-19 has affected our lives. Help us preserve our community’s response to this world pandemic for future generations. Think about what our children and grandchildren or people 100 years may want to know – how did people in the St. Clairsville community respond?

Listen to interviews already collected for the St. Clairsville Covid-19 History Project.

View responses and photographs for the St. Clairsville Covid-19 History Project.