Borrowing Materials

General Statement of Patron Responsibility

A library card is a valuable resource.  A library patron is responsible for all materials checked out on his or her library card, and if such materials are returned late, damaged, or lost, the patron is responsible for paying fines or replacement fees. The parent or legal guardian of a minor patron is responsible for all materials checked out on the minor patron’s card.

All patrons must present a library card or photo identification in order to check out materials.

Borrower Registration

A library card may be issued free to any resident of Belmont County or anyone residing outside of the county, but working or attending school in St. Clairsville, upon presentation of a valid driver’s license or other form of  I.D. with a current mailing address. Out of State residents, not working or attending school in St. Clairsville, will be charged a fee of $5.00 for a library card. This fee is not refundable and is charged upon renewal.

Adults, patrons age 18 and over, must present valid photo identification, as well as a current article of mail, such as a utility bill, bank mailing, or other business mail as proof of address.

A patron between ages 5-17 years old may register for a library card, but must have the signature of his or her parent or guardian on the registration form, and the parent or guardian must present the required identification as outlined above; the signature will satisfy the requirement for identification for the patron under age 18.  No cards will be issued for patrons under the age of 5 years old. Restricted services may be requested by the parent or guardian on the juvenile’s card application. The parent or guardian is responsible for any charges incurred on this card.

Temporary residents must provide both permanent and temporary or school addresses. Out-of-state students attending an institution of higher learning in Ohio must provide their permanent and their college addresses, as well as a student ID and current piece of mail.

Items on this card incur fines and the checkout time is based upon the item type. All materials checked out on the card are the responsibility of the cardholder.  A printout of items will be given after every check out session or available upon request.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Cards

A patron should report a lost or stolen library card to the library as soon as possible.  The owner of a lost or stolen library card is responsible for all material checked out on that card up to the time that he or she reported to the library that it was lost or stolen.  The patron may request a replacement for a lost or stolen card in person at the library.  Cards will be replaced at a cost of $2.00. Cards that have been heavily damaged due to regular wear will be replaced upon request.

Restrictions of Borrowing Privileges

Patrons may have a maximum of $5.00 in unpaid fines before their borrowing privileges are restricted.  Fines over $5.00 will result in a loss of checkout privileges until they are paid.

Borrowing Periods & Overdue Fines

The following represent the library’s borrowing periods:

Item Loan period Fine per day per item  Renewable
Books (Fiction & Non-Fiction) 28 days $ 0.25 yes*
Juvenile Books (Fiction & Non-Fiction) 28 days $ 0.25 yes*
New Fiction Books 28 days $ 0.25 yes*
New Non-Fiction Books 28 days $ 0.25 yes*
New Juvenile Books 28 days $ 0.25 yes*
Browsing Collection 28 days $ 0.25 yes*
Audiobooks 28 days $ 0.25 yes*
Music CDs 28 days $ 0.25 yes*
Video games 7 days $ 0.25 yes*
Magazines 7 days $ 0.25 yes*
Videos (Non-fict & TV series = 21 days) 7 days $ 0.25 yes*
Hotspots 14 days $3.00 yes*

*All items may be renewed up to four times unless a hold has been placed on an item. Hotspots must be brought in for renewal.

The library offers a browsing collection which consists of mostly adult fiction books that are in demand, to ensure that the most popular titles are available to our local patrons.  These books are a second copy of the same format that we offer in our regular collection.

Borrowing Limits            

There is no limit for most library materials that a patron may have out or check out on their record, as long as they are not over the $5.00 fine limit, though the system places a limit of 999 items that can be checked out on a patron’s card at one time. Only 50 items may be requested (“placed on hold”) on a patron’s card at any given time.

A patron may check out 5 DVDs or Blu-Ray and 10 music CD’s in a single day. A patron may have no more than 10 DVDs or Blu-Ray and 20 music CD’s on their borrower’s record at any one time.

Juvenile cards which have video borrowing restrictions will not be allowed to checkout any R rated videos, DVDs or blu-ray discs.