Mission & Goals

Mission Statement of the St. Clairsville Public Library
The Library strives to provide materials and services that augment the recreational, leisure, cultural, historical, social, educational and intellectual needs of the residents of its service area.  The library serves as a learning center for all ages and places special emphasis on stimulating the young child’s interest and appreciation for reading and learning.

Library Goals & Strategic Plan
With community input from surveys and focus groups, Library Trustees and Administrators developed 7 goals for the library that will guide our plans and objectives for the years ahead

  1. Community Resources & Services – Residents should have a library that is easy to access and open when most needed. Residents should have access to library services important to them. Residents should have a library that supports their involvement and participation.
  2. Community Awareness — Promote the library to the public, keeping our community aware of the vital role the library can play in their lives and how to take advantage of these services. Residents should have a library where its funding, organization and support is easily understood and clearly defined.
  3. Materials Access & Management – Provide a right-sized and well-maintained collection of books and other popular resources. Strengthen the library’s collections of books, periodicals, audiovisual materials, and software.
  4. Facilities – Residents should have a library that offers a clean, safe and welcoming physical place to meet and interact with others or to sit quietly and read. Evolve facilities to meet the changing needs of the community.
  5. Finance – We will provide the community with an adequately funded library and plan for its future financial stability and growth. A multi-year plan establishes and budgets for the financial resources required to meet community needs for free library services and materials while maintaining fair compensation for highly-skilled staff.
  6. Staffing and Administration – Residents should have a library that has staff who provide quality library services and assistance. Staff are confident they have the training and resources needed to serve our community.
  7. Technology – Residents should have a library that gives free access to computers, internet, and other important technology beneficial to the community. We will use technology to make it easier for patrons of all ages to use the library. We will explore and offer new technology to prepare the library and community for the future.

Steps for each goal are described in the Strategic Plan available here.

Annual Report

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